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The Second Renaissance Is Now...

Our Team

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              Iriya New Media is comprised of Hideki Kanno, Yota Tomohisa, Naoki Yasuda, and Jimmy Heil. They became acquainted at a local cafe in Iriya during the summer of 2020 and quickly realized their skills and experiences complimented each other’s and decided to band together to see what great things they could do to help their community.

              Hideki is an accomplished artist having had exhibitions throughout the world sharing his interests in the interconnectivity of the environment and its inhabitants through new media technologies.

              Yota cuts, edits, and publishes the teams video content. His speed in accomplishing his work is unparalleled and is a force to be reckoned with when he’s opened up his Creative Cloud dashboard.

              Naoki conceptualized and produced the cafe where the team first came together. He is a skilled photographer and videographer and has a penchant for finding the right people to accomplish any task. He has a creative eye for design and always knows the best coffee to pair with every moment.

              Jimmy moved back to his home country of Japan after living abroad for most of his life. He works by day as a project manager and consultant for an audio-visual integration firm and by night moonlights as a new media producer where he rallies the team together and keeps the momentum and upward trajectory.